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Expected Attendance

By: Doug Kiz

ID: 18

Expected Numbers:
Section Expected Attendance Activity Group Size
Beavers 70 14
Cubs 113 20
Scouts 61 not set

If you are running a station, these are the numbers you can expect.

UPDATE: Meeting moved to May 17

By: Doug Kiz

ID: 17

In deference to Jets vs Predators Game 7, the planning meeting is moved to May 17.

  • Thursday, May 10
  • Transcona Scout Hall
  • 110 Winona St., Transcona
  • 19:30 (7:30 p.m.)


Saturday Activities

By: Doug Kiz

ID: 15

Thank you to everyone who has volunteered to host activities on Saturday.

The following groups will host Cub activities:

Group Activity
1st Southdale Dr. Evil Lair
1st Steinbach Lockpicking 101
60th Winnipeg Target Practice
49th Winnipeg Compass Clues Cache Chase
20th Winnipeg Guess Who?
61st Winnipeg Tuber-shot Target

We would like to have one more Cub activity.

We are still looking for groups to host a Beaver activity on Saturday.  We would like to run six stations.  Currently, 1st RPS has agreed to host one.

If your group is willing to host a Beaver activity, please let us know at info@campzagime.ca

Here are some suggestions for activities:

Possible Beaver Activities
Activity Description
Scavenger/Treasure Hunt Following the clues to a prize
Lazer Maze Using strings tied to stakes for lasers, Beavers must navigate through a course without touching the beams.
Morse Code Name Bracelets Using three colours of beads (dot, dash, space), Beavers spell out their name in Morse code.
Secret Beaver Messages Using various "invisible" ink methods (e.g. white crayon/colour wash), Beavers can create and display secret messages.
Fingerprinting Arch, loop, or whorl?  What do your prints look like?  Can you pick out a print from a print book?
Confidence Course Set up a few challenging obstacles and let the Beavers try to master the course.

Any of the above activities are available to use - or create one of your own.

Facebook page for Camp Zagime 2018

By: Doug Kiz

ID: 14

You can access the Facebook group page for Camp Zagime 2018 using the link below:



2018: May 10 meeting location

By: Doug Kiz

ID: 13

The May planning meeting will be held at the Transcona Scout hall:

  • Thursday, May 10
  • Transcona Scout Hall
  • 110 Winona St., Transcona
  • 19:30 (7:30 p.m.)

2018: April meeting location

By: Doug Kiz

ID: 12

Next Meeting

The April planning meeting will be held in Steinbach.

  • Thursday, April 5
  • St Pauls Lutheran Church
  • 465 Henry Street, Steinbach
  • 19:30 (7:30 p.m.)

Reminder that we will be selecting the winning crest design at this meeting.

2018: March meeting location

By: Doug Kiz

ID: 11

The march planning meeting will be held at the Southdale Community Centre (SCC) on Tuesday, March 6 at 19:00.

SCC is located at 254 Lakewood Blvd in Southdale.

2018: Important Dates

By: Doug Kiz

ID: 10

Here are some important dates for 2018:

  • Tuesday, March 6:  Planning meeting
  • Wednesday, April 4:  Camp Crest Competition entry deadline
  • Thursday, April 5:  Planning meeting, winner selected for Camp Crest Competition
  • Thursday, May 10:  Planning meeting
  • June 8-10:  Camp Zagime


2018: Camp Planning Begins

By: Doug Kiz

ID: 9

Camp Zagime 2018 is five months away, but planning is already underway.

The first panning meeting will be held:

  • Thursday, February 15
  • 2030 (8:30 p.m.)
  • Perkins in Southdale (123 Vermillion Rd.)

Thank You!

By: Doug Kiz

ID: 8

Thanks to everyone who helped make Camp Zagime 2017 such a success.

  • To the Beavers & Cubs who came out for a fun weekend, thank you.
  • To the Scouts who challenged themselves on their "Amazing Race", thank you.
  • To all the parents who came & camped to help with their section, thank you.
  • To the Venturers & Rovers of Offer of Service who paid for the privilege to work to keep the camp going, thank you.
  • To the Scouters who looked after their charges so well, thank you.
  • To the volunteers of WARC and ARES for providing radio equipment & expertise, thank you.
  • To everyone who volunteered to design/staff/run a program activity, thank you.
  • To everyone who ran stations for the Scouts program, thank you.
  • To Ian MacLean & the SERT MedVents of 49th, thank you.
  • To everyone who came out and planned in the months leading up, thank you.
  • To Chris Cumming and everyone who printed over 500 T-shirts on Saturday, thank you.
  • To Ruth Jones & Peter Elwick who ran our two campfire celebrations, thank you.
  • To James Crick who ran a great OOS kitchen, thank you.
  • To James Vnuk our Youth Camp Chief who did such a great job in his first year, thank you.
  • To Dwayne Gendzelevich the Scout Subcamp Chief who once again worked tirelessly and delivered yet again an excellent Scout program, thank you.
  • And most of all, to Dawn Cumming our Camp Chief whose vision, experience, guidance, & perseverance has been the guiding light to lead us all through the dark to where we could stand around the warm campfire in fun & fellowship, THANK YOU!

It was all of us as a community that made Camp Zagime 2017 the success it was.

eTransfer Information

By: Doug Kiz

ID: 4

Camp registration can be paid online by eTransfer.

Send your payment to payments@campzagime.ca


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